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2020 has been one of Ruth's most prolific years to date. With consistent features on Radio 1 and 1Xtra, over 4 million streams on Spotify alone and a nomination for best vocalist at the Drum and Bass Awards, Ruth has become an established part of the UK electronic and Drum & Bass scene.


Ruth's most popular releases include collaborations with Grafix, Pola & Bryson and Ekko & Sidetrack and has also released a string of independent releases with her band Paper Dragon, earning them the front cover of Dance Revolution and Massive Drum & Bass on Spotify.

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"Songwriter, vocalist, vlogger, activist: Ruth Royall is a name that has shot onto the radar in D&B recently. In more ways than one. Alongside laying down seriously powerful vocals in the past year, she is also the mind behind the momentous #Keepitreal campaign – a movement aimed at promoting body image positivity by challenging negative social media expectations"

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